Pair Walk I

At medium pace
the pair walk, side-by-side

side-by-side, in a straight line, across the room.

The pair walk both facing the same direction,
       across the room, side-by-side, in a straight line.

Across the room.

She stops at anytime
remaining stopped for any amount of time,           and
start walking again at medium place

the pair walk, side-by-side

Both aware;
one of the other and one of themselves
the pair walk.

She’s making work
But there’s no busy work.

One moves ,
cue                       and
the other moves too.

His only thought with her,
starts and stops matching, no one looks
no one can see.

Then, something else
the decision becomes mutal
only peripheral

The pair walk both facing the same direction,
        across the room, side-by-side, in a straight line.

Either one stops at anytime
remaining stopped for any amount of time,   and
start walking again.






Pair Walk II

Not for any wrong doing or
       for any doing at all

In fact, 

                                         They continue, together and all at once

Even under investigation, under squinting eye for squinting eye.

Is there any wrong doing here?


In fact,                         Probably.

No        and

So they continue.




The Company is a project by Harriet Middleton-Baker and Rachael Davies. Resident choreographers are invited to work alongside company dancers: Funmi Afuwape, Ludivia Garcia, Annie Garyga & Val Nobbs. The Company reflects on the definition of a company and the potential for a collaborative and non-hierarchical approach to choreography.





 The Company is an executive, non-departmental, non-hierarchal public body. Our objectives are measurable and define our techniques. 

There are no master systems, The Company’s aspirations are purely functional, productive and aesthetic;

 it is not radical, it is not anti-radical, it is not heroic, it is not anti-heroic.

The Company is with company. 

It is non-commercial, it is profitable. 

a mission, 

    an expansion,

       a collaboration, 

          a platform. 

                              a legacy embedded from the start. 

We partner. 

Browse and enquire within. 

The power of this idea has resulted in a shift, a future-looking framework. A close integration of multiple concerns. 




Have a seat. 

Please put it all away and relax 

put all those things away and relax,


Let playful lack. 

Create something that suits you now –

Then change it whenever you like.

You can choose everything yourself,

except the comfort, 

Accept the comfort and have a seat.




Always check your eggs

He said. 



Table for one, please.

It’s a convenient. 

The company of others is good, but so is your own. Life starts at home. 

Singular pleasure, it doesn’t have to be shameful. 

You don’t have to stare at the ceiling or contemplate your navel.

You can savour the moment and the meal 

The bits, the morsels and the deal

With a magazine your table for one doesn’t have to be tiny

Just sit, enjoy and have it your way. 




Your second life begins at home. 

Room to experiment, it’s just a phase.

The calm before the storm. 

customize. Easy,

The reality?

Calm suits you.